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QF-1 Feather Filling Machine for Sanitation Environmental Protection

Model No.︰QF-1
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Specifications︰1.1. This machine is used for the feather and down filling for the down clothes and small products as gloves.
1.2. There is a vacuum feather and down filling box to prevent from overfilling; The floating down can be cleaned up on the feather and down filling spot to keep it clean.
Workers can measure the feather and down in the glass lamp shade which makes the down not fall onto the ground. Workers can wear gloves not to contact feather and down directly.
Filled with a special stool down, falling down on the ground can be reduced.
Environment protection, sanitation and human right, it meets the export requirements of European and American countries.
1.3. The measuring range of electric scale: 0-30g±0.2g, applicable for the weight requirement of strapped feather clothes. The feather’s height is close to the height of electric display screen, which is convenient for measuring workers to monitor, and also to improve the measuring speed.
1.4. One worker put the feather into the box with hands till the weight is enough, the other worker
stamp on the foot switch. The feather filling machine absorbs all the feather into the products.
The compressed air is used to fill in the feather down clothes with simply operation and less failure. Feather and down doesn’t go through the fan and mixture to reduce the damnification.
1.5. The pressure of compressed air’ is 6-8 kg/ square centimeter. And the air compressor needs 3 KW/1 entrances. Compressed air is to be provided by the machine owner himself.
1.6. The diameter of the filling tube ranges from 14mm to 25mm, they can fill those long and narrow clothing parts with feather. Table has a magnet for iron absorption.
1.7. Power of the electric motor: 1.1 KW. Single phase voltage: 200 – 240 V,
50 – 60 HZ. Length x width x height = 1.25 x 0.7 x 1.9 (M). Weight: 180 kg.
1.8. Measuring range: 0-30g±0.2 g,for clothes.
This electronic scale is quite strong in anti-disturbance caused by AC power.
The wiring and program, which is static electricity proof designed for this scale, can confine the damage caused by static electricity of the down and feather to a main IC modular. A spare part of such an IC modular is provided together with the scale itself. The IC modular is easy to replace. The weighing accuracy will not change after its replacement.
Our machines can NOT weigh the feathe filled automatically. And filled by hand faster than slower.
1.9. The machine is 2 entrance of feather filling
Advantages︰The sanitation, environmental protection and human right requirements in the process of down products manufacturing:
Recently a new standard system—SA8000 (Social Responsibilities) has been gradually approbated in the international markets which demands the enterprises should meet the consistent conditions in the following fields: child labor, compulsory employment, health and safety, collectivity negotiation, discrimination, punishment measures, work hours and payments. As to the health and safety requirement, the enterprises must provide the healthy and safe working environment .
The workers suffer from pollution in the feather down in the feather filling process, which is mainly caused by the absorbing of the feather down powder. The feather down powder stimulates the skin and upper respiratory tract and cause allergy symptom and diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, coryza, pharyngitis, eye conjunctivitis. According by relative regulations, the thickness of powder in the air should be no more than 10 mg/m3.
Cleaning and healthful working environment will bring the workers with joy, in return, the production efficiency can be improved and it can boost the morale.
There are standards of cleaning in the washed down testing standards of The International Down Feather Bureau (IDFB). Some countries like Italy put forward to establish the bacteria testing standards. Though feather and down can meet the standards through washing and drying, if the sanitation is ignored in the process of feather filling, feather and down falling onto the ground and mixing with impurities, trampled, bacteria and dirt on the workers’ hands, the germina given off by the coughing can pollute feather and down.
The workers are demanded to reduce the work by hand and use the machines as possible as they can.
This machine is designed for the social responsibilities. Enterprises can afford it for the cheap price.
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