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shop to use feather filling machine

  •  shop  to  use  feather  filling  machine
  •  shop  to  use  feather  filling  machine
Model No.︰LZB-15D
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Product Description
1. This machine is a kind of small type equipment to suck fluffy materials, including down and feather to fill in products by using a high pressure fan. It can be used in shop as a piece of equipment for on-spot filling of down and feather quilts.
2. D type fan with internal electro-magnetic brake, can stop blowing out down and feather within 2 seconds after the power is off. Both the product itself and the site can be kept tidy, the loss of down and feather can be reduced to minimum. It is suitable for shop to use. Long time operation in big factory is not recommended.
3. Size of the whole machine: Length x width x height = 0.6 x 0.6 x 1.8 (M). Weight: 65 Kg.
Size of the wooden box for the main machine: 0.75 x 0.75 x 1.6 (M). Gross weight: 140 Kg.
Size of the box for fittings: 0.68 x 0.58 x 0.97 (M).
4. The advantages of feather filling machines made by Japan, Germany and other countries were comprehensively absorbed for designing. Besides, China--patented technologies have been uniquely applied in this machine. The fan, directly connected with the motor, is light in weight, simple in structure, less in troubles and convenient for installation, operation and maintenance. It needs no lubrication and maintenance within the first 5 years.
5. The machine is not likely blocked even when feather pieces are being filled because of the strong wind force
from the big fan vanes. It is low in noise and vibration--
free because the vaned wheel has been accurately tested for balance, the revolving speed is moderate and rubber feet have been inlaid.
6. Diameter of the down--filling pipe: 38 mm, 50 mm.
7. Its stainless steel outer case makes it look luxurious, tidy and in good taste.
8. On the bottom of the transparent plexiglass-made down and feather cyclone - filtering barrel, there is a powerful magnetic iron to remove most part of iron pieces and other impurities mixed in the down and feather in the filling process.
9. An electric scale is used to weigh down and feather. The operator holds a hose to suck in the down and feather placed on the electric scale and observe weight changes displayed. The suction of down and feather can be stopped by raising the suction hose. The filled weight accuracy can be controlled within 2 grams.
the machines are non-automatic.
Specifications︰Power of the electric motor: 1.1 KW. Voltage of power source: 220V.
Wind pressure: More than 3.5 KPa.
Pricing︰FOB prices USD
Payment Details︰T/T
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