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Electronic Platform Scale for Feather

Model No.︰ACS-6
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Electronic Platform Scale for Down and Feather

1. Function and Specification
1.1 Maximum weight to be weighed: 30 kg. When the weight of the down and feather weighed is less than 6 kg, the dividing value is automatically set to 2 grams; When the weight is more than 6 kg, the dividing value is automatically set to 5 grams. the Electronic Platform Scale are non-automatic.
1.2 The vertical pole of the electronic scale is 800 mm in height, the size of the platform is 400 x 450 mm.
1.3 This electronic scale is quite strong in anti-disturbance caused by AC power.
1.4 The wiring and program, which is static electricity proof designed for this scale, can confine the damage caused by static electricity of the down and feather to a main IC modular. A spare part of such an IC modular is provided
together with the scale itself. The IC modular is easy to replace. The weighing accuracy will not change after its
1.5 The electronic scale is applicable with a power source of 200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 HZ, single phase and 5 W.

2. Installation and Usage
2.1 Place the electronic scale on flat and solid floor, adjust the screws on the 4 supporting feet, The 4 feet should be solidly supported on the floor.
2.2 Large amount of static electricity produced in the down and feather filling process can easily damage the electronic scale. The case is even more serious in dry winter. Therefore, reliable grounding is one of the important measures to prevent troubles. Connect the electronic scale with the grounding wire provided to a running water pipe or to a metal door frame or metal window frame which is large in area.
2.3 If the weight displaying window displays certain weight while
actually there is no down and feather in the holding box, the “Reset” key can be pressed to make the weight displaying window display “0”.

down and feather holding box as XXXX grams and mark the weight on the inside wall of the holding box. The electric scale should be checked quite often for its accuracy. When
the weight becomes zero due to power failure or trouble, the total weight of the holding box and the down and feather may be weighed first. After deducting the weight of the holding box, the remaining weight is the weight of down and feather itself.
2.5 No overweight is allowed on the electronic scale; No person is permitted to stand on the scale. The tansformer should be switched off when feather filling operation is finished.

3. The adjustment of electric weighing
The accuracy must be 1/3000 after adjustment. It means the allowance can be
+/- 5 gram when 15 kilogram is weighed. The accuracy 1/1000 can be allowed in
weighing, it aiso means the allowance can be +/- 15 gram when 15 kg is weighed.
If the above mentioned condition can not be showed, then the adjustment must be
done.If the adjustment can not be done, please replace the electric element.
The step of adjustment is as below:
3.1 There are two lines on the plug where is in the back of display of electric weighing.
Please link a upper and down plugs where are in the right by one electric wire.
Please see the picture.

3.2 Please connect the power of electric weighing, after hearing the sound “ Ti”,
the electric wire can take out.
3.3 The electric weighing shows “3-2-1-0.000”.If it can not be shown, please press
button “reset”.
3.4 Please put 10 kg weight on the weighing table , and press button “Net”,
“10.000” will be shown.
3.5 Please switch off the power, then take out weight 10 kg.
3.6 Please swith on the power , then check again the adjustment result.

4 Replacing IC in electric weighing
The working voltage in electric weighing is 5v. In filling period, the static electricity
voltage can be mcreased thousand. The Ic will be damaged casily. Under this condition,
the IC must be replaced.

4.1 The sides for main IC is L=5cm, w=1.5cm,H=1cm, Black color,two lines plug with
a harelip in one end of plug.
4.2 The main IC is in the middle of the electric board where is in the back of the display,
Before taking out IC, please release four screws which are fixed in the back of
The display.
4.3 Please use a straight type screw driver to take out broken IC.
4.4 Put a new IC.
4.5 Please fix four screws.
4.6 Please check grounded wire .The wire must be from down side of the metal feather box.
And link to water tube or big metal window.
Pricing︰FOB USD
Ship Date︰1
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