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Pearl- Sized Chemical Fiber Balls

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Product Description
Process ordinary chemical staple fiber to form pearl – sized ball shape . the ball- shaped chemical fiber is more curled, fluffier and more elastic. It is easy to regain its elasticity when aired in the sun and patted after being pressed for a long time . The chemical fiber thus shaped can be filled, just like feather, into cloth products by fanned air. It is suitable to be used as a filling in pillow cores, mattress, quilts, warm- keeping clothes and cotton flannel toys.

Compared with a traditional pillow core filled with fluffed fiber, the pillow core filled with pearl- sized balls have the following advantages:
1. More elastic
The filling used for traditional pillow core is fluffed fiber. This kind of filling is mainly structed of single fiber. The elasticity of the filling is the same coherent elasticity of the single fiber. But pearl- sized balls are ball- shaped, each ball consists of more than 50 single fibers. Besides the coherent elasticity of the single fiber itself, the ball also has an all- directional high elasticity incomparable to any single fiber. The reason is that curled fibers are tangled with each other and each ball has an outward expanding stress which makes the ball expand only instead of shrink.
2. More air- permeable
Pearl- sized balls are granular balls in shape. Theoretically speaking, the contact between balls is point contact. Even if chemical fiber balls are deformed under pressure, the air permeable space which exists between balls is still much more bigger compared with that between single fibers. This result will keep the inside of pillow core dry and comfortable without much less odour and the chance of mite breeding is thus minimized.
3. Effective of micro moving massage
The pearl- sized balls are relatively free balls inside the pillow core. Besides deformation under pressure, the balls will also be subjected to micro relative movements according to the gesture of the sleeper. Therefore the sleeper will obtain the effect of micro moving massage. Such effect will become
even better by the breath of the person in sound sleep. The ball shape makes the pillow case cloth become slightly uneven. When the sleeper moves his skin on such cloth surface, the effect of massage will become more obvious.

4. Machine washable
Pearl- sized chemical fiber balls will expand under pressure due to the all- directional expanding elasticity. So the balls can automatically fill each space full. They can keep the original plumpness even after machine wash. ( Tests made by authorized organizations in Canada and Taiwan show the resilience ratio is more than 98 % after the balls are machine washed 200 times.)

5. Reducing snoring
Due to the most suitable resilience ratio for human body, pearl- sized chemical fiber balls can provide all- round support for head, neck and shoulders to suite the shape of head. The balls can prevent stiff neck, ache all over the neck and shoulders. They can also keep the natural straightness of the spine when a person sleeps on his side and keep the angle of elevation at 5 o when he sleeps on his back so as to ensure his smooth breath and to reduce snoring.
Pearl- sized chemical fiber ball is the newest scientific and technological product. It is the first choice to upgrade ordinary chemical fiber product as well as to manufacture middle and high grade bedding products. It is indeed a new heating point to initiate consumption.
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