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Ration filling machine for foam particle

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Product Description
Ration filling machine for foam particle
1 Performance specification
1.1 This equipment is a small machinery with air blower of frequency conversion to quantitatively fill cloth products with plastic foam particles
1.2 Electric motor 1.1KW, practical 0.5KW. Single-phase voltage is 200-240 volts, 50-60 Hz. No matter the small shop, large factory, domestic or abroad, can install and use. Needn’t to equip air compressor in addition, so can save electricity and energy, without noise, vibration and danger from the pressure container.
1.3 Each machinery only has one filling mouth. Filling speed is high, each pillow only takes 3-6 seconds. Controlled by pedal switch, shut down automatically when reach the setting weight.
1.4 Little seal size, filling pipe’s diameter 32mm. According to user's request, the diameter of filling pipe can be 8-73mm so as to be suitable for different products form, for example, cotton flannel toy, cushion and pillow, etc..
1.5 Can also fill quantitively small particle products, such as silkworm sand and buckwheat, etc..
1.6 Can also fill inquantitively fluffy products such as eiderdown and chemical fibre, etc.. The wind force can be set up at will. While filling bed clothes, select lower wind-force, thus the products are soft, the appearance is leveled, easy to fill, and low cost in electricity and energy; while filling pillow, select high wind force, thus the products are tight, difficult to stop up.
1.7 Researched and developed alone by ourselves, first-class level in world, China's patent protection.
1.8 Small size, light weight. Length×Width×High =0.5×0.5×1.0, weight 50 kilograms. Equipped with special-purpose quantitive stainless steel material storehouse with volume of 1m3 which can shared by 4 filling machines, attached a small air blower for adding material.
1.9 If fill close products, need not to ration, only pug and smash by hand, until it is full.

2.1 Put the filling machine on the level and solid ground. Connect the power, start up the filling machine. Observing the rotatory direction of the impeller from the inlet of the fan, the impeller should rotate clockwise.
2.2 Stand the material storehouse, join to the filling machine with hose. Fill up the material storehouse with the small feeding air blower.

3 Operation method
3.1 Try best to set up the filling time to be close to the demand weight of about 100 grams every second, minimum regulation time 0.1 second. Adjust frequency, every 0.1Hz about 1 gram. The recommended frequency is 50Hz.
3.2 Larger diameter filling pipe, higher frequency and lower air added, may shorten filling time.
3.3 Regulating the air inlet to supply the air up to about 30-80%. The pipeline is difficult to stop up.
3.4 In order to have the same wind force and accurate ration, must keep the gesture method of filling accordant: inserting depth, direction and hanging form of the hop-pocket, etc.. When filling, try best to insert low, prevent the pipe outlet blocked by cloth, and don't be stopped up by the particles either.
3.5 The opening size of the pillow, had better can just insert down-filling pipe. The opening position is better on the corner.
3.6 Many block-proof function designs, make it fill faster.
There is a transparent peep hole on the shrinking mouth of the down filling pipe, operator may see whether it is unblocked or not when fill. When the flowage turns slow, go backwards hop-pocket in time to prevent the filling pipe blocked, or pat the hop-pocket to keep unobstructed.

4. Frequency inverter use
4.1 According to the required frequency, press up key "∧", down key "∨" at any time. Supreme frequency limits H85.
4.2 F082 is ration filling time, range 0-9999, time unit is 0.1 second. For example, 30 means 3 seconds.
According to the method“4.3.2 parameter setup operation)
4.3 F079 is filling method,”01”start ration filling,”00” stop ration filling.
4.8The frequency inverter is guaranteed for one year. In order to avoid influencing the normal production while the inverter is sent for repair, once we receive the user's fax of the post sheet of the damaged inverter, we will send the substitute one by the express mail.

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