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 Our company mainly manufactcures filling equipment for feather.

Supply: feather- filling machine for bedding, feather- filling machine for down and feather clothes; feather- filling machine for pillow core,  pearl-shaped chemical fiber ball glomerating machine, vacuum baling press for pillows, and etc.
Our company is rich in the experience in the large scale production of bed clothes for more than 30 years.  

Our company not only can make machines, but also know what products are applicable for the right machines. Meanwhile, we do research to find what kind of the filling materials and machines will be needed in 5 years.

The equipments produced are simple and practical, moderate in price. It is the most salable manufacturer in the world with the annual sales volume of 300 down filling machines. The equipment produced is single-minded in variety, so technological speciality. Company's engineers and technicians account for the 30% of staff. According to the bed clothes change in market, we improve greatly the equipments every year. The series of frequency conversion developed alone recently are the most advanced small filling machines of technology in world with simple structure and multi-function, and received patent protection.
 Marketing method: factory to factory direct contact to avoid intermediate link, is favorable to the exchange of technology, help to reduce the selling charges too. The equipment produced is all guaranteed for one year, will offer fittings and technology service too afterwards.

Included in the price in our company’s home page are: packaging charges and transportation charges within China. FOB prices USD .
We have no interpreters in our company. Foreign customers may contact us by e-mail: 
Lishui City is located in the middle of the Jinhua- Wenzhou Railway. Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and some other places are directly accessible by train. Highway express cargo delivery service is available to any part of China. There is an airport either in Hangzhou or in Wenzhou. Hangzhou and Wenzhou is directly accessible by express highway.
You are most welcome. 


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